With a history of integrity and reliability, SOFEC is a global leader in the development and supply of complete single-point mooring solutions that meet the specific operational needs of its customers.

Proprietary, state-of-the-art systems cater to a wide range of environments and water depths.

SOFEC offers turnkey development of mooring systems for FPSOs and FSOs by engineers who are among the most experienced professionals in the industry.

SOFEC designs, fabricates, delivers, installs and services a wide array of single point mooring systems, tanker spread mooring systems and marine terminals. Founded in 1972, the company has produced some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated external and internal turrets, tower yokes and spread moorings. Always innovative, its products have stood the test of time and anticipate the challenges of extreme locations and environments across the globe, in a wide range of water depths from less than 20 meters to more than 3,000 meters.
With aggressive growth initiatives and state-of-the-art technologies, SOFEC’s proven successes include disconnectable turret mooring systems off northwest Australia, harsh environment systems in the South China Sea, deep water mooring systems in Brazil and West Africa, and a complex disconnectable turret system for the iceberg-prone North Atlantic Grand Banks.



Unrivaled Uptime
For years, satisfied customers have depended on SOFEC mooring systems to operate without issues in extreme locations and harsh environments. A legacy of proven quality is built into every product.




sofec-qualityA history of innovation embodies the concept and design of all SOFEC
products, from state-of-the-art hydrodynamic analysis to model
basin testing to the development of advanced swivels at its research
facility in Houston, Texas.

Internal Turrets

FSO and FPSO operations in deep water or remote areas must weathercnr-no-flare
the world’s most demanding climatic conditions.

SOFEC designs two types of internal turret systems – permanent and disconnectable – that enable vessels to respond to extreme conditions such as harsh seas, icebergs, hurricanes and typhoons. Both types of systems feature enhanced mooring load capacities and allow vessels to weathervane 360° in normal to severe conditions. They can be installed in water depths from 40 meters to more than 3,000 meters.


internal-turrent   producthighlights permanent

External Turrets

ext-turrentSOFEC is the industry leader in the turnkey production of innovative,
high-tech external turret systems that satisfy a wide range of floating storage and production applications. Permitting vessels to weathervane 360°, external turret systems allow vessels to operate normally in moderate to extreme sea conditions.




producthighlights-ext            complexity         fast

Tower Yoke Systems

toweryokeSOFEC’s highly specialized tower yoke systems are cost-effective, reliable solutions for permanently
mooring FSOs and FPSOs in shallow water. The yoke system links the vessel to a fixed tower outfitted with a mechanical turntable that enables the vessels to weathervane. The
yoke allows the vessel to pitch and roll without inducing unacceptable loads on the mooring links.


Marine Terminals

sofecmarine1                                    sofecmarine2

From its inception, SOFEC has been an industry leader in the supply of Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CAL M) and Single Anchor L eg Mooring (SAL M) terminals. These Single Point Moorings allow safe and reliable transfer of crude oil, LPG, jet fuel, heavy fuel oil and other products. Serving a complete range of import/export applications, these versatile systems minimize maintenance and maximize operational reliability in extreme environmental conditions.

producthighlightsmarine1   history  fastsolutions

Core Business Products At A Glance glance

SOFEC consults with customers to determine and develop the best single point mooring system for their needs.



Engineered for long life and high reliability, SOFEC products have a well-deserved reputation for unrivaled uptime.

From icebergs in the North Atlantic to typhoons in the shallow seas offshore Vietnam to hurricanes in the deep water Gulf of Mexico, SOFEC has a solution. SOFEC engineers have solved floating production and storage challenges at all water depths, in all types of environments, all over the world.

SOFEC products are designed, fabricated and installed to exacting customer requirements by some of the most experienced engineers in the industry.Our engineers are experts in the calculation of environmental forces, hydrodynamic analysis,structural dynamics, geotechnical analysis and the design of structural,mechanical and hydraulic systems. In addition to these classical engineering capabilities, SOFEC’s staff is skilled in the practical requirements imposed by the fabrication and assembly of large structural components and heavy,precision-machined weldments; and the transportation, installation, testing and maintenance of these systems in the ocean environment.

No two projects are alike. Working with some of the world’s most sophisticated customers, SOFEC engineers have
produced some of the largest and most sophisticated single point mooring systems in existence. The company’s
broad expertise brings efficiency to the process and superior reliability of its products.

Research & Development

SOFEC assembles and tests complex devices and components at its own assembly and test facility in Houston, Texas, and at worldrenowned model basin facilities.

Innovation has always driven business at SOFEC.Through research and development at its in-house facilities, the company continues to introduce new, forward looking methods for meeting changing customer needs.These efforts encompass complex systems development, as well as industry-leading research in hydrodynamic design and

load analysis based on the physics of both surface and subsea conditions. SOFEC’s product development
engineers routinely publish journal papers based on this research. With a tremendous history of fully realized turnkey projects, SOFEC also applies its R&D expertise to studies, which are often required prior to the
commencement of multi-billion dollar projects by its clients.

Innovation is a part of SOFEC’s culture. This innovation is driven by a desire to improve existing products in order
to provide better value for the firm’s customers and to develop new solutions that meet the ever-changing demands
of the industry. Over the last 40 years, SOFEC has built an extensive patent portfolio that covers a wide range of technologies, including:
• Disconnectable turret mooring systems
• Bearing systems
• Fluid swivels
• LNG offloading
• Mooring hardware
• Yoke mooring systems

Innovative Culture

More than 40 years after it was founded, SOFEC retains a unique, engineeringfocused culture built on a history of
pride in the industry. All of the company’s managers are engineers by training, and a hands-on attitude prevails. This is seen in the makeup of project teams involving experts from across the engineering disciplines, including structural, piping,civil, mechanical, swivel, hydrodynamics,mooring and electrical and instrumentation specialists.

Diversity contributes to the positive work environment, with a multi-generational,multi-cultural staff focused on continual process improvement as the company adapts to the ever-evolving needs of a dynamic industry.

Protecting People and the Environment

Health, Safety & Security

SOFEC is committed to conducting all business activities in a responsible manner to assure the health, safety and security of people; preservation of the environment; and compliance with all applicable health, safety, environmental, security, legal and regulatory requirements in countries where it operates. SOFEC strives to achieve the goal of “Zero L oss Incidents” through its HSE Management System and its HSE Management
System Code of Conduct. This means more than simply obeying safety rules. The company makes every effort to safeguard the security of its property, its employees and visitors to its premises. It also has procedures and resources in place to effectively respond to crisis, emergency and security situations.

Environmental Stewardship

SOFEC recognizes its responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects and, where possible, improves the state of the environment for future generations. Committed to working with its business partners and suppliers to strengthen environmental stewardship and responsibility, SOFEC also promotes environmentally safe designs and construction at all SOFEC locations and with subcontractors under its direct influence. SOFEC strives to improve its environmental performance through continual design reviews, environment monitoring, pollution prevention and waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, the effective use of raw materials and paying maximum attention to the efficient use of resources.