Hydraulic Pumping Unit

Hydraulic Pumping Unit is one of artificial lift tools to help oil wells with low productivity keep on producing. Hydraulic pumping unit use hydraulic oil pumped into a cylinder chamber and exert force to lift the piston, which connected to the downhole pump through sucker rod, to do an up-stroke movement. And take advantage of gravity force (i.e. the rod’s, pump barrel’s, and piston’s weight) to do a down-stroke movement.

hpu1 The pumping mechanism is similar to conventional sucker rod pump unit, while the
difference is only laid on the power/drive system. With fast installation and serfriendly
adjuster, user can install the unit with less effort plus a cost effective artificial lift unit between installment-maintenance operations-dismantle phase.

PT. Binaguna Adi Sejahtera HPU is centralized lifting system that ensures the hydraulic fluid power deliver the energy in the most efficient way. The body of the main system is bolted on well head, set on the center of the wellbore, up and down stroke setting can be
set independently. The unit is a compact and movable system, weight no more than 1,500- lbs, no swinging and moving device with small power pack dimension. It is easy to operate and easy to Install.

To get you on the grasp of this, the daily operations record for installation take only six hours and less with only four crew and one FoCO truck with three tons of lifting capabilities. Our response teams for the unit troubleshooting are also efficient to solve any problems occurred while the unit running. Mostly it only took max. 4 hours to do the troubleshooting for the unit.

This unit cylinder system is using a single acting operation, which is the supply of hydraulic fluid is implemented only on one side. The return movement in this procedure is performed by its own weight. It is operated using a diverting valve. The force can act to extend or retract the rod. The advantage of the single acting hydraulic cylinder design are :

  •  Defined position in the event of a power failure.
  • Smaller moving force, small installation length and small force of
    the return movement. 
  • Prevent damage if there are any possibility of Well stuck condition.
  •  Suitable for the Crude oil Well lift up implementation.

This unit needs electrical power if user chosen to use electric motor, but there are also possibilities to use other prime mover such as diesel engine or gas engine. With maximum Stroke Length (SL) 120 inch and 5 Stroke per
Minute (SPM) this unit of artificial lift targeting high water cut wells or low rate wells to maintain the production. Depth is also not an obstacle for this unit to work in your horizontal wells and deviated wells. With capacity of 30,000 lbs. and the experience that these units performance is meets the entire standard with different wells
characteristics (i.e. Duri area, Riau), PT. Binaguna Adi Sejahtera HPU is confident to meet your requirements.

The online monitoring system is optionally provided. Using the GSM Protocol and Web based user interface. The HPU Online Monitoring System shall give the efficiency of the HPU daily operational and live performance.

It’s a Cost Efficient System, piling Base is not required, spend much less energy than other artificial lift system, no need to use heavy equipment for shipping and installation and also less time required for the installation.This system will save your cost and operating time.





Below are some pictures from installed HPU and isometric files that can assist you to know more about our products:


hpu4   hpu5


















hpu6 hpu7 hpu8