Applying its unique engineering expertise to design,fabricate,commission & services of petroleum measurement and control system for the most demanding applications,includes:

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  • System Meter for Liquid and Gas Application.
    Liquid Metering Systems.
    Liquid Prover System (Bidirectional & Mobile Prover).
    Gas Metering Systems.
    Supervisory Computer systems.
    Installed Product Services.
  • Project Management/Fabrication
    Metering System Intergrator
    Design and Engineering for Metering System
    Fabricate and Project Management
    Hook uo,Installation and Commissioning
  • Service and Maintenance.
    Service and Maintenance
    Metering System Maintenance
    Calibration Prover & Instrumentation
    Metering Training
  • Automation
    Instrument & Electrical
    System Control
  • Marine Loading Arm
    Arm Installation & Overhoul